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Sierra College
  • Position Number: 3454779
  • Location: Rocklin, CA
  • Position Type: Science - Geology, Earth Sciences & Oceanography


Under administrative direction of an educational administrator, develop curriculum and provide lecture and laboratory instruction for students in the study of Environmental Studies and other related courses, evaluate students' performance, assist in the selection of and coordination with part-time faculty members, function as liaison with the Science and Mathematics Division with regard to Environmental Studies & Sustainability Department planning, business, scheduling and staffing, participate in shared governance and other activities in support of the instructional program, and to perform related work as assigned.

Examples Of Functions and Tasks

Lecture/ Laboratory/Field Preparation - ESSENTIAL: Prepare lesson plans to be used in a lecture/lab and/or coordinate lectures with laboratory learning assignments; complete book order forms and provide the District Bookstore with master copies of syllabi for printing; place appropriate reference items on reserve in the library; review and select and/or prepare multi-media materials for enhancement of classroom/laboratory instructional delivery; attend conferences to increase knowledge of subject matter and teaching methods and techniques; review and select learning resources such as textbooks, internet sites, periodicals determined to be the most appropriate;PERIPHERAL: Review and evaluate new textbooks for content, readability, and cost effectiveness; select textbooks and/or laboratory manuals determined to be the most useful and appropriate; read current literature (normally several sources- books, newspapers, periodicals, and other printed or non-printed materials) to stay current in the field of Environmental Studies; prepare handouts and other materials for classroom/ laboratory use; familiarize self with operation of all equipment currently available for use and which is appropriate for the subject area.

Lecture/ Laboratory/ Field Presentation - ESSENTIAL: Introduce and present lecture/laboratory information and concepts in a clear and logical manner; use analogies, examples, and/or other techniques to convey important environmental concepts; provide clear instructional objectives and outlines to direct student learning; enhance presentations with visual aids and/or demonstrations and/or examples, as available; answer student questions clearly; encourage student participation and involvement in classroom discussions; monitor student activity; design and develop new laboratory exercises to demonstrate major environmental concepts; promote use of the scientific method in all laboratory protocols; help students to set up, operate, and troubleshoot equipment problems; provide equal opportunity for student participation; remain present in laboratory to supervise activities; demonstrate safe laboratory techniques and operation of equipment; handle fragile equipment, as necessary.

Student Performance Evaluation - ESSENTIAL: Develop lecture/laboratory quizzes and exams which are understandable and which fairly evaluate student progress in acquiring knowledge of subject material; monitor student activity during examinations/quizzes; read and evaluate student responses on examinations/quizzes and mark and grade papers accordingly; assign, read, and evaluate homework assignments/projects/research papers to promote learning; tabulate scores and assign official grades; advise students on academic matters regarding their performance; refer students to appropriate student services (ie., Disabled Student Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, etc.) for specialized testing and/or tutoring; input student scores and make data available to students;

Curriculum Development - ESSENTIAL: Review and evaluate curriculum to include student learning outcomes and program outcomes to meet student and state interests and needs within the parameters of Divisional/Departmental budget constraints and availability of equipment and materials; coordinate with full-time and part-time instructors to enhance consistency of lecture/laboratory content; evaluate and/or revise course descriptions to fit curriculum designs; present proposals for curriculum changes to the Curriculum Committee and/or other appropriate shared governance bodies; research, evaluate, and incorporate current technology into curriculum; design degree and certificate programs.PERIPHERAL: Review curriculum for concordance with changes in laws, regulations, and standards.

Shared Governance Participation - ESSENTIAL: Attend and participate in departmental meetings and activities; respond in writing to requests for information (e.g., employment process position questionnaires, unit planning guides, etc.); participate in articulation/curriculum development, investigation and costing of departmental equipment needs, and selection of textbooks; represent department by serving on campus-wide committees.PERIPHERAL: Attend and participate in divisional and/or building meetings and activities, as well as those organized by the Faculty Senate and the Staff Development Committee; contribute to the advancement of the Sierra College Natural History Museum, as appropriate and feasible; serve on employee selection committees, as requested; serve as a functional member of one or more committees and/or task forces; attend Board of Trustees and/or Strategic Council meetings, as necessary; read and responds to information polls distributed by the Faculty Senate.

Ancillary Student Services - ESSENTIAL: Hold regular office hours; provide advice to students regarding academic performance; provide students and peers with a positive role model in terms of character and citizenship; participate in graduation and outstanding student award ceremonies.PERIPHERAL: Provide students with letters of recommendation, as requested; hold review sessions of classroom/laboratory material, as necessary; advise and encourage students; participate in museum program series and/or other activities and provide opportunities for participation in field trips and/or club activities.

Minimum Qualifications

Incumbent must possess Master's in ecology or environmental studies


Master's in the interdisciplinary area


Master's in one of the disciplines included in the interdisciplinary area and upper division or graduate coursework in at least one other constituent discipline


Biological Sciences - Master's in any biological science


Bachelor's in any biological science AND Master's in biochemistry, biophysics or marine science OR the equivalent


Interdisciplinary Studies - Master's in the interdisciplinary area


Master's in one of the disciplines included in the interdisciplinary area and upper division or graduate coursework in at least one other constituent discipline.

Licenses:Incumbent must possess or be able to obtain prior to employment in this position a valid California Class C or higher Driver's License in order to accomplish official travel in District and/or privately owned vehicles.


If claiming equivalency, please attach the Request for Equivalency Hearing form. The equivalency form may be found at:Sierra College Human ResourcesIndividuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees and other relevant documents.


Individuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees and other relevant documents. A foreign transcript evaluation is required any time foreign course work is used to meet minimum qualifications and/or salary placement even if the foreign transcript has been accepted by a college or university in the United States.

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